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26th October 2017
As we reach to the end of NADeP program, one of the most successful donor funded programs conducted ever in Sri Lanka, a new program will be soon introduced with an evolved concept of NADeP. Smallholder Agribusiness Partnerships Program (SAPP) is designed based on the lessons learned during the implementation of NADeP where the essence of NADeP is still embedded in this new program to carry out our theme of promoting 4P concept in Sri Lanka and the region as well. show more SAPP will give greater flexibility for stakeholders to work on different models to come up with win-win partnerships with the objective of livelihood enhancement of smallholder agri producers in Sri Lanka. In addition, the opportunity will be there for the NADeP project partners to scale up their existing partnerships which they have carried out successfully during last couple of years through geographical/outreach expansion.

An interactive awareness session was conducted on 26th October 2017 at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Colombo 07 with the existing project partners giving them an opportunity to skim through the new avenues of the SAPP program. In addition to the leading Agribusiness Companies, representatives from Insurance and commercial banks were also present as SAPP will focus on bringing them all on board and expanding the term 4P in to 5P or even up to 6P with the collaboration of wide array of stakeholders. The session was headed by Dr. (Mrs.) Yasantha Mapatuna (Director – NADeP), Mr. Rizvi Zaheed (Managing Director – Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited), Mr. Haridas Fernando (Deputy General manager - Cargills Ceylon PLC), Mr. Nandana Jayasinghe (Chief Executive Officer – CIC Grains Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr. Bandara Lokuranamuka (Deputy Director – CBSL) and special awareness sessions were conducted by Mr. Prabhath Uyanwatta (Deputy Program Manager – NADeP), Mr. Nilushana Sooriyaarachchi (Consultant – Business Development NADeP), Mr. Kalaikkumaran (Consultant – Microfinance NADeP) followed by an interactive session with participants.

A highly successful knowledge Management event on the smallholder inclusive 4Ps model developed by National Agribusiness Development Programme Sri Lanka is concluded

28th-29th July 2017
A highly successful knowledge Management event on the smallholder inclusive 4Ps model developed by National Agribusiness Development Programme Sri Lanka is concluded last week, after two days of dialogue, debate with multi-stakeholders who attended the workshop. show more The workshop addressed the major risks for smallholder farmers across agricultural sectors, and focus on how to create scalable solutions to tackle future supply chain vulnerabilities. Secretory, Ministry of Agriculture, Secretory, Ministry of Plantation, Secretary Ministry of Irrigation and Additional Secretory Presidential Secretariat, Advisers to His Excellency the President and District Government Agents, Secretaries to Provincial Governments and Directors of Allied services, such as Agriculture, Animal Husbandry were contributed their views and suggestions for way forward. All partner companies shared the lessons learned and participatory banking institutions, insurance providers also represented.

Rewarded for taking 4Ps to the next level

25th July 2017
We have been awarded for the most popular stall at Lanka Livesock ’17 International Exhibition which was held at Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Center(SLECC) during 20th – 22rd of July 2017. show more The event was organized to showcase the impact and effectiveness of the Producer-Public-Private-Partnerships(4Ps) towards the dairy sector of the country where NADeP has pioneered the 4P concept in Sri Lanka by partnering with dairy sector giants including Cargills(Ceylon)PLC, Chello Dairy Products(PVT) LTD, CIC Holdings(PLC) and Fonterra Brands Lanka(PVT) Limited to assist over 4000 dairy smallholder farmers in the island.
NADeP Stall was one of the most attractive stalls out of many local and international livestock related stalls and got praised by several diplomats including Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.
The award was handed over to Dr.(Mrs). Yasantha Mapatuna, Programme Director, NADeP by Prof. H.W. Cyril, Chairman, National Livestock Development Board(NLDB) with the presence of representatives from organizer(AMBTarsus), NADeP officials and their dairy partners.

NADeP Support for Young People to Escape from Poverty & Driving Towards Sustainability through Empowerment and Employment

31st May 2017
Smart, passionate young people are hungry to continue creating meaningful and lasting change for their families and their communities. Therefore, NADeP consider them as the agents of change. show more They already are entrepreneurs, peer educators, job creators, and community leaders. NADeP under Microfinance has several programmes to support them in realizing their full potential. The development aspects of youth need to be looked in a wider perspective. Not only facilitating access to finance but also the training could help a lot in that respect.
The trainings will help them for the constant development and enhance their abilities to take responsibility for their own transformation and to make positive contributions to their community. Therefore, NADeP provides trainings for its youth in various disciplines. Finance literacy, Gender Training, Business Plan preparation trainings Leadership Training and Technical Trainings are some of them among many others.
These pictures will tell you the story of a training just concluded on business plan preparation facilitated by the Microfinance division of NADeP for the youth just before they are given the loan facilities under NADeP to start income generating projects. This training was organized in Anuradhapura at the Regional Office of Central Bank of Sri Lanka and attended by around 35 potential youth having already identified their income generating projects.
NADeP will follow-up and continues to be with them until they become successful entrepreneurs.

Launch of 3rd Phase of the Backyard Beekeeping project partnered with CBL

30th May 2017
The National Agribusiness Development Programme (NADeP) and the confectionary giant, the Ceylon Biscuits Ltd (CBL) tied up to develop a traditional backyard industry, transferred from generation to generation, which is undoubtedly high profit making with immense positive externalities. show more Two partners collaborated to rekindle the backyard bee keeping through a Public Private Producer Partnership (p4) to help increase rural beekeepers incomes and reduce Sri Lanka’s reliance on imported honey.
Free delivery of equipments, comprehensive training programmes for the beekeepers, especially for youth and women backed by an attractive guaranteed price scheme and overall support of the CBL’s sophisticated marketing network has resulted in the success of this project.
The project was initiated during the latter parts of 2014 and it is located in Sri Lanka’s best bee honey producing areas of Bandarawela, Uvaparanagama and Welimada Divisional Secretariats. As of May 2017, NADeP has invested nearly Rs 4.75 Mn onbehalf of the farmers and CBL has invested nearly Rs 3.88 Mn. The project has attracted nearly 600 beneficiaries in the said Divisional secretariats and CBL has purchased nearly 6,164 kg of beehoney since the project inception. CBL has paid nearly Rs 3.1 Mn for the farmers for their honey supply.
The purchased honey will be processed and sell as a fresh honey and as a Garlic – Honey products. Garlic cured in Bee’s Honey is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy. The uniqueness of the Garlic-Honey product is the use of special kind of garlic commonly known as ‘Medicinal Garlic’ (Rahanagala variety or the ‘Beheth Sudulunu’). Project encourages farmers to grow this variety commercially which provides them with much needed additional income.
The 3rd phase of the project has been launched on 25th May 2017, under the patronage of Mr Ramya Wickramasinghe, the Chairman of CBL and with officials of NADeP and CBL. Mrs Wickramasinghe and the Provincial Director of Agriculture (Uva Province), invitees of the Department of Agrarian Development (Badulla District) were also participated. Nearly 200 beneficiaries were given the utensils to fresh start Beekeeping and or to expand the existing business. The event was held in Economic Centre of the Keppetipola and it was an iconic moment of this successful partnership.

"Tharauna Diriya" youth empowerment and employment loan scheme under NADeP with another gear

30th May 2017
Microfinance division of NADeP in order to fast track the youth loan disbursements, initiated its activities in a different form. For this we convened several meetings with the assistance of CBSL Regional offices in Trincomalee, Anuradhapura, Matara Nuwaraeliya and Matale in its respective regions. show more During these meetings much awareness about NADeP and on youth scheme was given to the officials of banks, small and medium enterprises development officials and government officials and their responses are very positive. The regional offices of CBSL will assist NADeP through its channels to find suitable and potential youth under this loan scheme and they will also work as facilitators under this scheme. Our camera has found some of the meetings like these pictures. These meetings were attended by the Programme Director Dr. (Mrs.) Yasantha Mapatuna, Consultant for Microfinance to NADeP Mr Bandara Jayasinghe and the Regional Mangers of respective Regional offices of CBSL together with participants mentioned above.

Bitter Sweet Kithul Tale

29th May 2017
The NADeP team has visited “Kithul” farmers in Eheliyagoda area with related to Lanka Eco Products Guarantee company P4 project on 17th May 2017 to evaluate and monitor the progress in the ground level. The sample visited in the monitoring visit comprise of rural poor farmers. show more They were in the age group of 25-60 and the average HH size is 4 members. There were only one temporary sheds identified and most of the farmers lived in normal houses with cement floor. Average yield per tree is in between 8-10 litres per day. All beneficiaries have the title for the land.
Further we had the chance to meet some of the best kithul farmers. One of them is Mr. U Gamini Udakadage of Eheliyagoda (49 Years old) who has been doing Kithul for 34 years. He has tapped his first kithul flower at the age of 14. He said that there is no one to keep the legacy alive after him. He said that the new generation is hesitant to do kithul tapping and it is one of the major challenges faced by the industry. He said stimulating the Kithul flower to excrete its sap is an art itself. Cutting the base of the flower, an herbal creation made out of a mixture of herbs. Monitoring visit was accompanied by Mr. Indika Kuruppu (Programme Officer – Business Development) and Mr.Sajith Samarasinghe (Programme Officer – Business Development) with company representatives.

Credit facilities for sugar farmers under NADeP

25th May 2017
NADeP went in search of a way to help sugar cane farmers in and around Higurana in Ampara area. Then we found that some of them plant sugar in the lands allotted by the government and for them sugar cane plantation is a must. show more The Galoya Plantation pvt ltd is a sole buyer of their yield through a buy back agreement. In this area there are considerable numbers of sugar cane farmers growing sugar cane as out growers and they grow sugar cane as well as inter crops in their own lands. Again the buyer of their sugar yield is the Galoya Plantation pvt ltd with a buy back agreement. NADeP had series of meetings with Galoya Plantation pvt ltd in this connection. Thereafter, a decision that NADeP arrived at is to assist these farmers with low interest loan facilities through Bank of Ceylon, Hingurana Branch using NADeP funds. Presently they get working capital at a cost of 16.8% and instead NADeP will provide credit at 6.5% reducing the cost of working capital by 10.3% for these sugar cane farmers. Our camera captured some of the meetings we had in Hingurana with the officials of Galoya Plantation pvt ltd and the field visits taken by NADeP team headed by Programme Director Dr. (Mrs.) Yasantha Mapatuna.

Initiative for tea smallholder development

15th May 2017
Mr. Hubert Boirard, Country Portfolio Manager, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Sri Lanka has visited the "Aruna" Tea Factory in "Matugama" today with the intention of seeking possibilities to establish possible value chain development partnership including smallholder farmers who supply fresh leaves to the factory. show more It is clearly understood that the existing productivity of the smallholder farmers are poor due to several reasons such as extended time taken to rehabilitate lands, poor planting materials, improper shade trees establishment, poor density of bushes and lack of knowledge in terms of pruning, plucking and fertilizer usage. Further, it is proposed to establish a partnership to cater above concerned areas through National Agribusiness Development Programme which will focus on establishment of tea nurseries, implementation of zero rehabilitation method with organic matter at pilot scale, training and development etc. CPM was accompanied by Dr. Yasantha Mapatuna (Project Director - NADeP), Mr. Alok Singh (Rural Finance Consultant - IFAD) and Mr. Nilushana Sooriyaarachchi (Business Development Consultant - NADeP) with company representatives.

Study visit by Afghanistan delegates

A five day study visit was conducted by NADeP (National Agribusiness Development Programme) of Sri Lanka for delegates of Afghanistan comprises of CLAP (Community Livestock & Agriculture Programme), KDU (Kabul Dairy Union), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) & International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) during last week. show more The team has visited prominent diary processors in Sri Lanka who have established vale chain development partnerships with NADeP with the objective of studying the milk collection, procurement and processing at various levels such as farmers (grass root), milk societies and private companies. A special emphasize has given to the "Evening milking promotion" model introduced by NADeP with CIC DAIRIES (PRIVATE) LIMITED focusing on mini chilling tanks established at MCPs (Milk collection points at society level) and the UHT processing of milk at Cargills Magic & Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka during the visit.
IFAD is currently working with FAO and Afghanistan Government to set up an UHT milk processing facility in Kabul to assist Kabul Dairy Union which comprises of more than 3000 dairy farmers.
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NADeP joined hand with Lanka Eco Product Guarantee Pvt. Ltd.

It is our great pleasure to announce you that Lanka Eco Product Guarantee Pvt. Ltd. came on board with NADeP to launch a Kithul related value chain development partnership targeting 100 beneficiaries in Rathnapura District. The partnership will focus on promoting the industry among younger generation and incorporation of technology to enhance the existing sap yield. show more Further, it will address on value addition at household level with the production of Jaggery and treacle to increase the current income of the beneficiaries.
Mr. P.B. Abeykoon, Secretary to His Excellency the President and Mr. L.K. Priyantha Kumara, Director (LEPL) inked the agreement at Presidential Secretariat on 28th December 2016 with the presence of Dr. Mrs. Mapatuna (Director, NADeP).
Days for Regional Conference on "Innovative models for inclusive and sustainable agribusiness development through Public Private Producer Partnerships (4Ps)"
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